Friday, October 14, 2005

Church Sucks

There I said it. I know many of you were thinking it. And before you get excited let me explain.

Week after week, people file into church looking for something. Looking for anything to heal their hurting, broken and disappointed lives. Our lives are full of regrets and disappointments. Mistakes and failures. And all we want to do is try and make some semblence of a life, try and make something in our lives count.

We seek.....well....we seek God.

But unfortunately, I haven't found God always at church and I doubt they are consistently finding Him either, at least with the present state of most churches. He certainly doesn't dwell in all those who attend His services. I grew up in church. I've been as a kid, as a preacher's kid, as a regular church member and as a staff member. And you know what? They're all the same. There's always someone who wants to control it. There is always someone who wants to fulfill their own agenda. Their is always someone who goes to seek the praise of others. Being on the same "team" with those people really sucks.

In my 10+ years of full time ministry, I have found that church is the same as it was growing up. Or worse. But I have learned something. It doesn't really matter what you think of church, because it's full of imperfect people. The problem is they just don't know it yet. What matters is what you think of God. Jesus spent most of his time on this earth outside of the temple. And the times He spent in the temple, were not very pleasant for those that were supposedly on His "team."

Maybe it's time for some friendly fire.