Monday, December 13, 2004

November 24, 2004 - God's Timeline

This afternoon before church the preacher called me.

He said some people are upset over our recent activity (Video Scavenger hunt)
*He wouldn't tell me who was upset or why, just that he/they wanted to see the tape.
*The more I thought about it the more I realized this might not be the best thing to do, just turning it over. Who is going to watch it with him? My accusers? Should they watch it in private without having to face me? Surely it can't be this easy to get away with gossip and slander.
*I called him back. I don't feel comfortable just giving it to him. It's only on dvd anyway. I pressed him for more details. Someone (again no names) is upset because they heard (i.e. gossip) that we did something illegal. Apparently more was added to the story, that I may have allowed them to steal or use a fake credit card for something.
            *I assured the pastor nothing illegal was done. This didn't seem to restore my credibility.
*It looks like I am going to have to show the deacons (are they the ones who complained?) the video on Saturday.
*I am trying not to be emotional. I can certainly understand someone being upset over something they perceived we may have done. But that is for one of two reasons:

1. They think we would actually do something immoral or illegal.
2. They have allowed gossip to cloud their perception of the situation.

I think it's both. And now I have to prove my innocence of unfounded accusations. What if there wasn't a tape/dvd? What would I do then?

At the end of the conversation the preacher told me to have a good thanksgiving.

Yeah, two days until my trial on Saturday, it will be a memorable Thanksgiving. It looks like I'm the turkey and my neck is on the line. Unfortunately I have to wait two days for a verdict. Yeah, Happy thanksgiving.

Why does this stuff always happen on a Wednesday before church or before a holiday?

**Two of the deacons "dropped in" unannounced to youth meeting tonight. Everyone there was tense. I did not receive word from the preacher on why this happened or what they wanted. I am totally in the dark on what is going on. I think God wants me to set a date. I have certainly waited too long.


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