Friday, May 14, 2004


Let's now return to the story in Mark. Note that the leper comes to Jesus. This was a violation of the rules and regulations concerning lepers. He was supposed to shout, "Unclean!" to keep Jesus away! But instead he runs to Jesus. And Jesus does not run away; like the mother welcoming her crying, mud-covered daughter, Jesus allows the leper to approach him.

Then what does the leper ask? Does he say, "Heal my disease!"? No.

"Make me clean!"

We miss a great deal if we think of this request as the equivalent to "Heal my disease."
The leper is saying:
"I want to worship God!"
"I want to be a part of God's people, in relationship to Him!"
"I want to touch others, to be in relationship to the people of God!"
That is what the leper is asking. Of course he wants physical healing. But becoming clean is much more than becoming healed!


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