Friday, February 20, 2004

A Word on Devotions

            Christians are the world's worst, particularly the average church member, on getting caught up in vain repetitions. Jesus was very strong in His criticism of the Pharisess. In fact, He was rougher on them than on any other group or people. Why? Because they were so consumed with outward appearance and traditions that they completely missed the lesson God was trying to teach them through His Son. When you put a system before the Saviour you completely miss Him and what He is trying to teach you. That system grows into repetition until you are so ensconsed in it that you do it more out of habit than out of purpose. You don't know why you do it. Before long you are older and your kids and grandkids are following your footsteps into blind faith.

You need to learn that it is better to be in love with the Saviour than with a system. I read and I pray because I like it, but sometimes that desire fades because I am more caught up in the repetition of it and not the Relationship portion.

            Blind faith isn't someone who recklessly trusts in God, but someone who believes without seeking to know why it is they believe. We have given into the lie of Satan that it is wrong to question all the time. Don't get me wrong, if you question everything, then there is a problem, especially if God is trying to tell you something. But if you are only religious or a particular denomination because that's what your parents were or that's what you have always been then my friend you are guilty of blind faith. You're guilty of vain repetitions. How? Because if that is you, then your purpose for coming to church and for serving God isn't for worship or meaningful service, but only out of obligation to a routine.

How much greater children and servants could we be if we were in love with the One we serve instead of being in love with serving?

Saviour B4 a System
Relationship B4 Repetition


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