Sunday, February 08, 2004

Emotionalism in religion - Part II

   Another caveat in the emotional aspect of worship is pride in service. In I Corinthians 13, Paul speaks to the Corinthians about their pride in the tongues they spoke. He said basically it doesn't matter what you do spiritually or how well you do it, if you don't have love, it's worthless.

   Why should someone who says, "Amen," "Praise the Lord," or raises their hands, look down on someone who doesn't? Why are these things done? Is it said for men or for God? Is it done for men or for God? If they are done unto the Lord and for HIS glory as supposed, there should be no focus on others.

   True, the Bible says, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so." And no doubt, if God moves you to emotion during worship I believe you should respond. But to go so far as to say that those who remain quiet aren't spiritual is ludicrous and I know some who believe so. I know some people who sit quietly in reverence during the worship service and yet others who have to stand up and shout. Both are the same in my mind. Their hearts, hopefully are there to worship. How can we judge someone's heart by the fact that they don't show emotion during a service? Pride. Those who have become emotional have now become prideful and self-righteous.

Congratulations, you just screwed up one of the basic experiences of a believer....worship. It amazes me (not so much anymore) at how many believers can take a simple act of service and find themselves in sin.

No one should look down on anyone for anything regarding spiritual service, especially when it comes to worship. Last I checked, we were all provided with the opportunity for redemption from the same eternal punishment. And I'm not talking about each other.


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