Monday, February 23, 2004

Bottled Water

      When I was first learning to swim as a child I constantly heard this phrase: "Water is your friend, not your enemy." I wonder how Moses would feel about that phrase.

      Facing the Red Sea, Moses must have thought, "God, what is it with the water?" Later, water would get Moses in trouble because of the Rock that He was supposed to speak to but instead he struck it. This was obviously a symbol of Christ and it cost Moses a trip to the promised land.

      Moses was given power over the very element that could have drowned him as a baby. That experience as a baby in the river could have overshadowed his life and made him fearful, yet that element was something which Moses had power over virtually all of his life through God.

      Moses turned the water into blood in the face of the most powerful leader of the day. His leadership, with God's help, liberated Israel. And once again, he stood now facing a familiar element that seemed to be a theme woven into the events of his life. The vehicle that could have carried him to certain death was now instantly obeying his command. And that had to hit the spot.


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