Saturday, January 10, 2004

Jesus said, "It is good that I go away."

We dream of what it would have been like to walk with Jesus. To follow Him as He fulfilled God's plan for the world. The disciples got to experience this first hand and through an emotional ride that was about to culminate in His death. Jesus tells them that, "It is good."

"It is Good?"

"Are you kidding? How can it be good for you to leave? We can see you, we can touch you, we can ask you questions and you are there when we need you. How can anything good come out of leaving?"

Apparantly, Jesus knew something we didn't. Apparantly, this Comforter of which He speaks must be some kind of help. Can anything be better than having Jesus in the flesh right by your side?
Apparantly, according to Him, there is. He is called the Comforter. Do you know Him?


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