Thursday, January 29, 2004

Grace and Truth

John 1:17 For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

I feel a little sad for those that lived during the time of Moses. Surely the Old Testament sacrificial system must have left them feeling a little inadequate. Not that their sins weren't forgiven, they most certainly were. But each time an animal died, the blood reminded them of their sin. It reminded them of their mistakes. And when the Law was given, it had the same effect.

The Law was given by Moses. It was important. As Paul said, without the law I would not have known my sin. People need to understand that, but there was something that was more important: Grace and Truth. That was reserved for Jesus Christ. He was the One who had the highest honor. The honor to bring into the world Grace and Truth.

The law shows us how much we are sinners. It shows us how much we do wrong. It is negative. There is always something in the law that we will break because we are not perfect. We can never please the law.

But when Christ came to earth, He brought with him something that would be more useful to us. Grace and Truth. Not only can we use them desperately, we need them. They are a necessity.

Grace and Truth makes up for what the law lacks. The law sharply and unmercifully points out our sin. But Grace and Truth, the essence of what Christ is about, gives us the solution. The law doesn't attempt to help us or to give us a solution to our problems. It only points out that we have one. But Grace and Truth brings us the answer, that is Jesus Christ. He came to be merciful when it was unexpected. He came to give grace when it was undeserving. He came to give truth when it was unpopular.

When Moses came, the law reminded us of our sin.
And when Christ came, He not only became our Saviour, He brought with Him 2 companions: Grace and Truth, and with them all we find the Solution to our Sin problem.


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