Saturday, January 31, 2004

Do you really believe God is doing a LOT of miracles today?

A Miracle by definition, theologically, is:
A Direct intervention of God's power into history.

First let me say that I think God is doing miracles today. Obviously not through any one man, but I don't think every little trial in my life God takes care of is a miracle. We have overused the word miracle and fit it to our daily lives so much that it's lost it's power.

Every little thing that happens to me isn't a miracle, it is providence.
Feeding 5,000+ people with 5 loaves & 2 fishes is a miracle. Parting the Red Sea is a miracle. Even when God heals a cancer patient that has received a negative prognosis, I believe that to be somewhat miraculous.
But God helping me through the death of a loved one, guiding me through school or helping me to recover from a "seemingly" impossible financial situation is comfort, it is providence, and it is help from the Lord, but not a miracle.

Obviously, this isn't an attempt on my part to belittle God or what He does in our lives but more to minimize the ever increasing role man thinks he plays in the Christian relationship. It wasn't about the children of Israel, though their pride got the best of them, it was about God's promises to them. It wasn't about Moses, though his pride is certainly a lesson in itself, but it was about God using someone that was unusable.
It's not about's about Him and His plan to rule our lives in the small things.

We think we are doing Him a favor when we say, "It's a Miracle!" But in reality we are depreciating all those daily wonders He continually produces, no matter how petty or piddling they are in His sight.

"It's a Miracle," when it really isn't, says God only works in the big things. I don't know about your life, but the biggest "miracles" in my life happen on a daily basis.


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