Tuesday, January 27, 2004


1. Matthew 28:18-20
What does Jesus want every person of every nation to become? A Disciple.

Which is the more popular term -- disciple or Christian?

The word "Christian" only appears three times in the New Testament.
Acts 11:19-26 - It was the name those outside the church gave the disciples seven years after the church began.

The word "disciple" occurs over 270 times in the New Testament. Jesus defines the term disciple throughout his ministry.

Jesus came to make disciples. Only disciples will be saved.

2. Mark 1:14-18 (The Calling of the First Disciples)
"Come, follow me" (Christ).

"...I will make you fishers of men" -- Jesus gave these first disciples their real purpose for living.

"Immediately" -- the heart of a disciple is to follow Jesus right away.

3. Luke 9:23-26
"If anyone..." -- This passage refers to everyone who wants to be a follower of Jesus.

"deny [yourself]" -- Notice Christ in the garden (Matthew 26:36-39, "Not my will, but your will.") Be willing to obey God's will above your own.

Carry your cross -- daily.

Gain world ... forfeit soul. Lose your life for Jesus ... save it.

4. Luke 14:25-33
"If anyone..." Refers to everyone who wants to be a follower of Jesus.

Love Christ more than any person, or even your own life (v. 26).

Carry your cross (v. 27) -- This could mean suffering the same way Jesus did, from persecution to death.

Count the cost to follow Jesus (vs. 28-30).

Consider the alternatives (vs. 31-32).

You must be willing to surrender everything to God (v. 33).

5. Luke 11:1-4
Must learn to pray- disciples saw the strength Jesus received from the Father.

Daily personal relationship with God (v. 3).

6. John 13:34-35
Love one another.

Be an active part of the fellowship. People cannot see our love for one another if we do not spend time together.

7. Matthew 28:18-20
Command -- make disciples. Note that this command was given to all of them.

Who is a candidate for baptism? -- Disciples.

You need someone to disciple you to maturity in Christ (v. 20).

This is the only way to save the world!

8. Concluding Questions:
Am I a disciple?

Am I a Christian?

Am I saved?

What do I need to do to become a disciple?


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